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30-Hour Introductory Course

The Cybersecurity Bootcamp program begins with an Introductory Course where you can get a taste of the program before making the decision to commit. Explore cybersecurity fundamentals, try out simulation exercises, and experience 1:1 mentorship. It’s a preview of what you can expect if you choose to sign up, and an opportunity to check if the bootcamp is the right fit for your career aspirations.

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Virtual Learning Environment

Busy people and even those already employed can join the Cybersecurity Bootcamp that offers an interactive remote learning environment to fit with your schedule. Develop skills and knowledge in demand in the industry right now, via virtual classes and interactive project-based learning. The collaborative environment is the ideal setting to gain the experience necessary for a seamless transition to a professional, fully fledged career in the field of your choice. Classes are led by expert instructors who provide in-depth feedback, comprehensive curriculum and real-world simulations that give you practical foundations to help you succeed at work.

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Comprehensive Career Services

Maximize your job search and professional prospects with our specialized career services and coaching. Our career services team helps you build confidence and nurture connections that make your professional dreams a reality. Services include individualized interview coaching, assistance with resume writing and LinkedIn profile optimization, networking and more. Gain access to industry players and build relationships with leading companies and organizations that are searching for skilled candidates to join their teams.

Career services are offered as consultations only and do not come with a guarantee of employment.

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Internship Placement Assistance

In order to build a thriving career, it is vital to develop collaborations with industry players in the real world. Connect with experts and professionals like you with the help of our internship placement guidance. Students enrolled in the Cybersecurity Bootcamp gain access to personalized assistance with identifying and realizing opportunities for high-quality internships. Get to know bootcamp alumni and our official hiring partners who are looking for qualified candidates to fill some of the best positions the industry has to offer.

Note the applicable terms and conditions. There is no guarantee of placement in an Internship.

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The NYU School of Professional Studies (NYU SPS) Cybersecurity Bootcamp gives you a competitive edge with an innovative lab setting that provides real-world simulations and hands-on practical training for a wide range of digital challenges and scenarios. Experience what it means to work in technology with engaging, practical exercises, projects and training that mimic what you can expect in the workplace.

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